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Detox Weight Loss and Relaxation Retreats

If you are looking to boost your energy levels, feel good about yourself and maybe lose some weight then Blessed Health's  detox, weight loss and relaxation programs are for you!


If you feel grumpy, experience an afternoon slump (that sometimes lasts all day?), feel tired some (or all) of the time, it may be that you body is crying out for a chance to detox.


A short detox can help to relieve all of these symptoms and leave you full of energy.


The accommodation is simple.  But if you're happy with clean, simple and basic, then Blessed Health will be perfect for you.


Meals are prepared at the retreat centre using mostly organic vegetables and products.  And there's always an interesting variety of flavours and styles to be enjoyed during the week, including Indian, Italian, carribean and of course, classic Mediterranean dishes.


By the end of any of our programme's you should feel rejuvenated, reenergised and ready to face the world again with a new healthier life plan.


Hire the beautiful Blessed Health to host your very own retreat or event.

This is an inviting space for you to run an inspirational retreat with the full professional support of Blessed Health. Contact us for more details.

Have your own clientele? We hire out Blessed Health villa's to group leaders and fitness professionals

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