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My Transformation

Hi I’m Sarah and I started blessed health to help inspire other women like me. I once was overweight and down after having my 4 wonderful children all via C-sections, I couldn’t believe how fast it could all spiral out of control! 70 extra pounds later and I was a mess, I had stretch marks and so much extra weight. I was told to eat for 2, (whichistoo much!) but I must have been eating for 5. I felt happy that I was a new mummy, but so lost in this squidgy soft body that seemed like it wasn’t mine. I hated to look in the mirror or take photos, hence why there is only a few before pics of me. I was my own worst enemy, when my husband told me how beautiful I was, and to look what my body achieved by having the children i wouldn’t believe him. I felt a failure because the media shows people just snap back days after having a baby. I was confused and ashamed that i couldnt do the same.


My mind just wasn’t in a good place. But once I realised I needed to lose weight for my health and to be able to take care of my children and not for the acceptance of society I was more focused and knew I was on the right path. That is why I feel weight loss is a mental, and a spiritual process. I ask clients all the time, “why do you want to lose weight?” If you do want to lose weight, are you willing to work for it!? It’s a full-time job until you get into the swing of things.

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I knew I had to do something about it, so I embarked on my fitness journey. I fast became hooked on a healthy lifestyle and managed to lose all my baby weight, and not just once but 4 times! I didn’t learn my lesson with my 1st child so with the subsequent pregnancy’s I piled on the pounds on again! Because I worked out before pregnancy and stayed active (despite the weight gain) during pregnancy I was able to shift the pounds each time. It was difficult though don’t get me wrong, as it takes 12 weeks to be cleared for exercise after a c section, it’s a major operation. Especially with my last child as I became pregnant 4 months after my 3rd, so once I was cleared for exercise and started to get more active I became pregnant 4 weeks later! Then I had a hernia operation due to separation of the stomach muscles.


It was a long journey, but I can safely say I am now comfortable in my own skin, I am stronger, I am healthier, I am happier for my kids, energetic for my husband. I am embracing my so called “imperfections” and I had the courage to make some tough lifestyle changes. So, to prove how happy I was after having my 4th child, ecstatic to be honest! I popped myself into a pair of hot pants! Why not eh?

after pic me

I have researched a lot over the years on nutrition and fitness, implementing them into my daily lifestyle, and now i am proud to say i have achieved my qualification as a personal trainer.


On my social media and blog I will give you my top tips on what I do to maintain my weight and health and how I got to this point, and how you can do it too.


In addition to this if you need something more tailored to you, I can develop you a custom meal and  exercise plan. Just contact me for details.

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The best advice that I can give anyone out there reading this is -Don’t crash diet. Eating healthy and keeping your body moving is what works. Starvation diets, diet pills, wraps, waist trainers dont work—they’re all temporary. Don’t look for a quick fix. Change your thought process, it took months or years to become unhealthy/unhappy with yourself. So, it can take just as long to get healthy/happy! When you lose weight the right way it does come off slower. Just keep pushing. And just remember, you may not be there yet, but you are closer than you were yesterday. And if you need accountability im always here to help.

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          Before 14 stone/ 196lbs

          After  9 stone/126lbs

      14 stone 196lbs on 5'3 frame


I love all things natural, so I started making my own beauty and body products, I wrote them all down and it developed into a book!

The book is called beautiful Revelation that shows what beauty products I make and use, and recipes to maintain my weight, also tips on staying mentally and spiritually sane in this hectic world.